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(Not so) Retired Aussies living & traveling in Asia!

Hello and welcome to our travel blog and we appreciate you dropping by!

We’re an Aussie couple – baby boomers – who jumped off the career and working life treadmill as we wanted to take back control of our lives. It felt like our careers, mortgage, and many other aspects of life had taken control, and we wanted to change that.

Our goal is simple – enjoy and experience life while we still have the health and energy to do so. Do that travel we’ve always wanted but didn’t get round to. Experience what traveling and living in other countries feels like. Revel in and enjoy the journey.

Currently based in beachside Hua Hin on Thailand’s Gulf Coast, we are pursuing new passions. For Vivien, that’s learning Thai and helping others with English. For me, it’s writing and photography. For both of us it’s travel and being able to share our experiences with you here, and in publications that accept my writing.

Go here to learn more about us and how we got to this point.

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Michael & Vivien

(Not so) Retired Aussies in Asia


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