Pranburi Saturday Night Market

Pranburi Saturday Night Market has been on our local ‘must do’ list for some time, and just a few weekends back we finally made it there! It’s only a short (25km) drive south from Hua Hin to neighbouring Pranburi and the Market only happens Saturday evenings.  This is definitely a locals market with genuine Thai characteristics. A ‘walking street’ market worth spending a few hours wandering and partaking of its offerings!

Located on the eastern side of Pranburi Railway Station, the market takes over two adjoining streets and is free of traffic making it so easy to meander the stalls and shops that populate the walking street. Old Teak buildings, original I can only assume, stand proudly with doors and shutters wide open inviting you in to discover the treasures that await – antiques, bric-a-brac, woven bamboo baskets and bags, Thai kitchen utensils, and many more discoveries. Some of these old Teak buildings have been transformed into Cafes with outside seating or an upstairs balcony for a better vantage point.

The atmosphere is relaxed and casual. A traditional dance troupe, all young girls in Chut Thai Chakkraphat formal dress danced their way along the narrow street with crowds stepping aside as they passed. The dancers were followed by a troupe of Thai boys drumming in unison as they made their way along. On the intersection of the two streets that make up the walking street market, tables and chairs are set out with a great assortment of food and drink stalls dispensing their particular delicacies – and all at local prices.

Market stalls stretching maybe 500 meters along the main walking street offer second-hand clothes, local Thai desserts, hand-made wares, locally designed t-shirts and matching cards and stationery, traditional Thai dress, shoes and sneakers, even novelty ‘old style’ American advertising signs and wall decor, and much more. Interspersed along the walking street between the stalls are musical performers adding another level of atmosphere.

To find the market make your way to Pranburi Train Station and park where ever you can. Walk under the station (pedestrian underpass) and the walking streets will be in front of you. Saturday evenings only (5 pm to 9 pm). Get here by 6 pm if you want to capture the scenes before dusk and the onset of nightfall.

Pranburi’s Saturday Night Market is very much a locals market. It’s kitschy and quirky, yet the walking street is relaxed, friendly and fun surrounded by traditional Thai architecture and history. As mentioned, entertainment, food, and beverages are available so plan to stay and eat once you’ve perused the streets and taken in the offerings.

So glad we finally made it here!

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