Thai Food Tour surprise – Hua Hin

Reflecting as we do, after experiencing something new, we both said WOW – what a fantastic adventure we have just had! We had taken part in a new Thai Food Tour here in Hua Hin. It’s called “Eat Like a Local” and promises to introduce participants to eateries that Thai locals love to frequent. No Green Curry or Pad Thai here! Each business focuses on their particular Thai Food speciality and delivers – in authenticity, taste, quality – and at prices, locals are happy to pay!

This an experience we will be recommending to our friends here in Hua Hin and to every one of our friends and family who comes to town!

Feast Thailand is the company running the tours and according to their website, promises to……

Show travellers to Hua Hin the true nature of Thai Street Food, in all it’s glory.
Showcasing how Thai Street Food truly is on a day-to-day basis, tour participants experience and appreciation of Thai Street Food will run much deeper!

These are not glib words, at least from our experience. These are ‘get down and get eating’ tours. You truly have to come hungry as you will be tasting from beginning to the tour’s end!

In the 3.5 hours “Eat Like a Local” tour we actually stopped at 6 different eateries and sat down to eat our way through each establishment’s speciality dishes – from bowls of Tom Yum noodles, light and refreshing Som Tam salads, spicy southern Thai cuisine, and Isaan delights amongst others. We also stopped at 2 street stall to sample their particular offerings. It was a full-on taste sensation and a delight to experience.

Here’s an overview of our Thai Food Tour to help tempt you!

Stop 1 – the “Under the House” eatery or Guay Tiaw Tia Thun in Thai. Run by 3 generations of one family and specialising in Tom Yum noodles. Morning tea Thai style! 🙂

Stop 2Baan Rak Gui Chai, a business run by 2 sisters who have taken Steamed Chinese Chive Dumplings (Kanom Gui Chai) and transformed them. All prepared and sold out of their family home but they are in the process of adding a bright new ‘shop’ out the front of their property to open soon.

Stop 3 – neighbouring street food stalls. The first offers Khao Lam or Sweet Sticky Rice cooked in Bamboo – the best I’ve tasted!  The other offering Fried banana and fried Taro chips – simple snacks and delicious!

Stop 4 – Dtai Tung. Pretty in pink and specialising in Southern Thai dishes like Klau Kling (dry meat curry), Gaeng Leuang (hot Yellow Fish Curry), Moo Wan (Thai sweet pork), and the Nam Prik Kapi (Shrimp Paste Chili Sauce).

Are you full yet?

Stop 5 – Ple SomTam. Isaan salads and grilled meats are the specialities here. We tasted Tom Saep (Isaan style soup), Laab Pla Duk (Thai Catfish salad), Gai Yaang (freshly Grilled Chicken), and SomTam (Papaya salad). We actually tasted 2 versions of the SomTam one of which had apple as a core ingredient and this was a new and superb discovery.

Stop 6Khao Soi Jan Phen (just opposite the Klai Kangwon Palace in Hua Hin) specialises in northern Thai food with Khao Soi (coconut curry noodle soup), Gaeng Hang Lay (northern style/Burmese pork curry), and Sai Ua (northern style/Chiang Mai sausage).

Stop 7Krua Araya. A cool green garden tucked away in the back streets behind Canal Road which specialises in Kanom Jin (noodles).

We could not believe that so much fun, knowledge, variety, sensory stimulation and most importantly, fantastic food sensations could be squeezed into a tour – let alone into 3.5 hours!

WOW is what we have to say!

And anybody reading this Blog –  make sure you do one of Feast Thailand’s food tours when in Hua Hin! And if you live here, make sure all your visitors do one of these Thai Food Tours – they will thank you!


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